Nova Ray® featured in CSI:NY on CBS
Nova Ray® and BlueView find ship in Lake Union Washington
Imbros enjoys their MicroWing™ conversion kit
Nova Ray® and BlueView team up to demonstrate High Frequency Hull Inspection Imaging Technology for Port Security
Nova Ray® sells ROV to Melsmore Marine for Pipeline Inspections
Nova Ray® purchased for post Katrina work in Gulf
Nova Ray® signs agreement with Wako Kousan Co., Ltd.
Nova Ray® attends 2005 Underwater Intervention
Navy / NOAA use Nova Ray® in search of US submarine
Scripps Institution studies underwater fault line with Nova Ray®

Twin River Successfully Uses Nova Ray® in Underwater Search



W&W Marine Completes Pipeline Survey

"The ability to record video footage and sonar footage simultaneously makes for an extremely effective tool in the survey business. Truly something we have seen nowhere else"
said William Wimpy of W & W Marine. "Nova Ray saved 25% of our time and we never had a down day."

“With the Nova Ray® conducting it’s free flight video inspection of each strap, we could just leave it in the water and tow it down the line to its next objective” said Capt. William Wimpy. “We’d just stop and film the next strap for a few minutes and continue on all day like that."


Add the option of BlueView Technologies sonar to your Nova Ray® today!

BlueView provides affordable multibeam imaging sonar for Surface Vessels, Underwater Vehicles, and Diver Applications. BlueView's forward looking sonar generate many narrow beams on each transmission, allowing them to operate from both moving and stationary platforms. With a BlueView sonar, you can collect realistic forward looking 2-D images of underwater environments which allow you to quickly acquire targets, track or monitor divers, survey a site, or navigate an ROV with more confidence and efficiency.  More on BlueView Technologies

Nova Ray® Product Line «««

Survey Model 5000
The Ultimate Search and Survey ROV

Locate, Discover, Verify and/or Survey using the Nova Ray® equipped with the BlueView Technologies 450E multi-beam sonar system, Imagenex Sportscan Side Scan Sonar and Internal and External Video Cameras.

Save time and money towing an ROV that can also fly on its own and verify targets. Utilize available tracking systems like Easy Track or Linkquest Tracklink, along with survey software such as Hypack - and your system will be the consummate search and survey platform.

The Nova Ray® Conventional Conversion Kit

Get more, do more with the Nova Ray� ROV Conversion Kit. Just remove the Nova Ray� ROV wings, add the flotation frame assembly, and you are ready to go. With the Conversion Kit, you get two operationally different Nova Ray� ROV's for expanded project capabilities.

The Nova Ray� ROV 2-in-1 package works for projects with tight space limitations and vertical maneuvering, and those in challenging currents and cross currents.

Nova Ray® and BlueView find ship in Lake Union Washington


Other ROV companies have stated that some point in time they located or discovered a ship using their equipment. That isn’t exactly true. They verified a target located with a side scan sonar first. The only other ROV using side scan is the "box like" ROV and it doesn’t have video. Nova Ray® uses Side Scan Sonar, Forward Scanning Sonar and Video simultaneously. This makes it the consummate search and verification ROV on the market today.

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