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Model 3500

This robust model offers comprehensive imaging and tracking capabilities, and user applications. It includes high resolution sonar, both side scan and forward scan. The forward scan sonar includes flexible capabilities to meet specific project needs, which include: set to 360 degree continuous rotation, set to sector which is 180 degrees, or set the sector size in 3 degree increments. The Nova+ skids provide for extra payload, as well as three different configurations. The basic configuration is for full range imaging. Removal of the forward scan sonar system allows for two additional configurations: Side scan and internal camera imaging, or removal of all sonar for basic inspections and surveys. Like all Nova Ray® ROVs, this model can accommodate user defined add-on technology. Mission critical inspection and tracking projects will stay on course with this portable workhorse.

Key features include:

Side scan and forward scan sonar
3 configurations for multiple tasks
Removable nose extension with viewing dome replacement
Nova+ skids for extra payload
Proprietary Command and Control software with interval upgrades
Fully digital onboard electronics
Two, 1/4 hp thrusters
Dual operation mode (tow it in up to 9 knot currents or use thruster power)
External and Internal camera system
Integrated surface control console: (3-axis joystick; laptop; LCD video monitor; water tight case with wheels and telescoping handle)
Tools & Parts Standard Kit (TAPS)
Transport/operation cases with wheels and telescoping handles
3-auto pilot modes for multi tasking
Dual quartz lighting system
300-ft. umbilical
Patented channel and rail system for user add-on technology

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Specification Details for Model 3500

(Specifications are constantly being enhanced, so be sure and contact us to see if specs are up to date)

Category Standard Feature Nova Ray® ROV Model 3500 Specifications
Depth Depth Rating 305meters (1,000 feet).
Currents Stability in Strong Currents Arcuate wing design counters destabilizing effects of cable drag. Results in faster, more stable performance in currents with less cable.
Maneuverability Dual Operation Mode Can be towed or use thruster power in strong currents. See Speed for knots.
  Speed Up to 9 knots in currents under tow. With thrusters: 4 to 6 knots (1/4 or 1/3hp respectively)
  Cable to Depth Ratio Under tow, Nova Ray® provides deeper operation with less cable than other Underwater Towed Vehicles (UTV). Nova Ray® can operate up to 70% deeper than conventional UTV systems using the same cable length. Under tow, operates at a ratio of 2.38:1. With thrusters, the Nova Ray® can reduce the ratio to 2:1. With less cable, the Nova Ray® system is lighter, smaller and easy to deploy anywhere in the world on a rapid response basis.
  Thrusters DC brushless rare earth motors. Two (1 port; 1 starboard) magnetic drive; 1/4hp standard with 150 volts DC. Optional 1/3 hp. Propellers and Thruster Guards (HMW plastic): 75mm for 1/4 hp., and 90 mm for 1/3 hp.
  Control Surfaces Rudder provides directional control; two elevons provide vertical positioning (depth control).
Umbilical Length, Diameter, Type Length: 300 ft (91.4 m). Diameter: 15mm. Type: 12-conductor, neutrally buoyant.
  Custom Umbilical Length to fit user specifications; optional fiber optic available.
Temperature Rating Operating Range -2 to 42 degrees C.
Command and Control System    
  Integrated Control Console 3 axis joystick; mode selection buttons and slide throttle; auto pilot capability; LCD monitor; laptop with proprietary Windows™ based software ; LCD video display. I/O: video out, monitor in; RS-232 and RS-485, hydrophone ready.
  Digital Onboard Electronics Fully Digital: Precise control and easy integration of digital peripheral devices. Proprietary embedded software.
  Proprietary Software  
  Flight Control Choice of manual or 3 auto pilot modes: Heading Hold, Wings Level and Depth Hold (optional altimeter provides an additional mode: Altitude Hold).
  Depth Sensor Depth gauge with range of 0 to 340 meters.
  Compass Solid state with pitch and roll correction and integrated thermometer.
  Side Scan Sonar Digital multi-frequency; up to 240m or 800 ft. coverage. 12VDC and GPS Interface; data file storage: 10-15MB/hour.
  Forward Scan Sonar 360 degree scan; multi-frequency: 310 kHz, 675 kHz, 1 MHz. 20-36VDC at < 5 watts; interface RS-485 or RS-232.
Video, Camera, Lights    
Video Display Flat Panel Monitor 254mm color LCD video display monitor. NTSC or PAL Composite. Out Port: RCA and S Video.
Internal Camera Type and Resolution Color. 480 TVL (Hi Res maximum for color), 1/3" CCD, NTSC or PAL.
  Sensitivity and Lens 1 lux @ F1.2 for color camera. Lens: 4mm, F1.2 or wide angle: 2.6mm, F1.6.
  Focus and Tilt Adjustable with auto white balance and auto iris. Manual tilt range: 90 degrees.
External Camera Type and Resolution Color. 480 TVL with CS (Hi Res maximum for color), 1/3" CCD, NTSC or PAL.
  Sensitivity, Lens, Power, Current 1 lux. 2.9mm F1.4 standard, or 3.7mm F1.4. Power: 12Vdc only; Current: 160mA max.
  Focus and Scanning Standard 100mm to infinity. Scanning: 525 line 60Hz NTSC or 625 line 50Hz PAL.
  Signal to noise ratio, view angle of view, composite video output Signal to noise ratio: >48dB (AGC off). View angle: 92 diagonal in air; 65 in water for 2.9mm lens. 78 diagonal in air; 56 in water for 3.7mm lens. Video output: 1.0V pk-pk.
Lights Front Lights Dual 150 Watt mini quartz. Beam pattern 78 degrees (included angle to half power point).
ROV Characteristics    
Physical Length, Width, Height, Weight L: 1,114mm. W: 997mm. H: Body: 268mm; Rudder: 393mm. Weight: 37kg.
Electrical Connectors Standard watertight bulkhead connectors and two accessory connectors.
  Line & Umbilical Voltage, Power Line: 120 VAC 60hz. Umbilical: 109 VAC. Power Consumption: 900 -1100 Watts.
Housing Construction Single piece, anodized 6061 T6 aluminum hull with patented channel and rail system for wings, thrusters, skids & add-on devices (no welds nor hull penetration, and includes triple "O" rings to ensure watertight integrity of housing system. Includes nose extension and Nova+ skids.
ROV Construction Material Key ROV molded components: impact resistant, light weight polyurethane resin. Accessory fittings and mounts are stainless steel or aluminum for corrosion resistance and durability.
  View and Light Ports View dome: annealed, impact-resistant 3/8" acrylic. Lights: 1/4" quartz window and depth rated to 1,000 meters.
Other Transport Cases Water-tight control console case is carry-on commercial airline luggage. 3-cases for ROV and umbilical shipped as commercial luggage. All include telescoping handles and wheels.
  Shipping Weight Control Console: 20 kg. Transit Cases: 86 kg. total.
Tools & Spares Tool Kit TAPS Kit (Tools and Parts Standard) provides for basic field assembly and servicing.
Warranty Agreement Details available from customer service.

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