Nova Ray® is exceptionally modular for addition of highly sensitive instruments required for critical project applications. Its digital operating system easily adapts to the demands of independent transducers and detectors (e.g., side scan sonar, gamma detectors, magnetometers, etc.). Payload features, true axis flight and stability and cost effectiveness make the Nova Ray® a valuable asset for multiple applications.

The multi-function platform can conduct mission tasks, from wide area search and sweeps, to ship hull, pipeline and cable inspections. Applications include emergency response in lakes and rivers to ocean baseline imaging and reconnaissance missions.

Ship Hull Surveys

More goods pass through sea ports than are shipped by any other means of international transportation. Nova Ray® has the maneuverability to survey and inspect ship hulls and ports in currents and tides. With its imaging capabilities and real time feedback, Nova Ray® is a cost effective solution for port authorities, commercial shipping companies and marine contractors. See Products for Nova Ray® models.

Homeland Security, Government Agencies and Military

The Nova Ray® design allows for easy modification and fast mobilization. User defined equipment is easily adaptable with the existing digital operating system. The digital operating system allows for synchronized communications with a central command system. The Nova Ray® can be towed, operating much like a kite, or fly under its own thruster power. Equipped with detection equipment, the Nova Ray® can perform baseline and repetitive imaging, wide area sweeps and reconnaissance missions. See Products for Nova Ray® models.

Emergency Response Search and Surveys

Response team analysis of emergencies in rivers and lakes is more difficult in deep water and strong currents. Nova Ray® can quickly search a wide area with currents in the critical period following an accident. Forensic teams can conduct detailed surveys prior to sending divers or equipment underwater. Wreckage retrieval or other evidence is easier and safer to assess with Nova Ray®. Operators have the added benefit of being able to multi task by selecting one of three auto pilot modes. See Products for Nova Ray® models.

Subsea Inspections, Surveys and Maintenance

Field assembly and serviceability are quick and easy with the Nova Ray® to stay on schedule. Its modular design provides for basic onsite servicing, reducing costly downtime. While quality is built into each Nova Ray®, spare parts are handy to have. If the circuit board malfunctions, remove it, insert a spare board and get back to work. Later, ship the board economically to Coral Partners, LLC. for repair.

Underwater infrastructures require accurate, reliable imaging, while saving precious time and resources. The Nova Ray® is a stable, responsive ROV platform for eel grass surveys, underwater construction projects, fishing, mineral prospecting and civil engineering applications. It can help reduce lost revenue through early detection of problems or threats to submerged cable, gas and oil pipelines. See Products for Nova Ray® models.

Dams, Reservoirs and Bridges

Structural integrity issues, staff safety concerns and other threats make inspection and survey of dams, reservoirs and highway bridges an important application for Nova Ray®. Many of these structures are in or located near densely populated communities. The Nova Ray® digital operating system can integrate with user specified technology for recording, imaging and reporting of data rich information. The portability and maneuverability of the Nova Ray® makes it a strong asset for protection of such critical infrastructures. See Products for Nova Ray® models.

Research and Education

The Nova Ray® delivers a multi-function platform capable of serving the diverse needs of marine researchers, oceanographers and educators. The wing design offers stability in strong currents and tides, increasing data gathering efforts. Its patented channel rail system allows for add-on instruments and technology specified by marine scientists and researchers. Applications include, but are not limited to, real time video recording of marine life, site mapping of archeological projects in strong currents and rugged underwater conditions, coastal science and research, marine biotechnology, oceanography, global climate research and eelgrass surveys. See Products for Nova Ray® models.

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