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Payload, Performance and Field Serviceability

The patented Nova Ray® provides faster, easier and more profitable project results with its multi-function platform. Key distinctions are its winged stability, portable, lightweight size, payload features and cost effectiveness. All models have the option of adding tracking and navigation systems (see Options). Field service and maintenance is easily achieved with a Nova Ray®. The electronics are quickly removed from the housing for repair or maintenance at the job site. The overall modular capabilities and portability make the Nova Ray® an exceptional value.

  • Under tow operates in up to 9 knot currents.
  • Using thrusters (1/4-1/3 hp.) operates at 4 to 6 knots.
  • Imaging capabilities for challenging environments.
  • Operates in zero or low visibility.
  • Simultaneously view/record sonar and video.
  • Light weight with quick assembly and launch, even from limited platforms.
  • Fully digital operating system.
  • Easy upgrade and integration of user-specified peripheral devices.
  • Convenient auto pilot capabilities and field serviceability.

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