Mini MicroWing™ Conversion Kit for VideoRay® Mini ROVs

The MicroWing™ conversion kit for towing and current operation

  Responsive maneuvering for enhanced submersible performance
Hydrodynamic stability
Easy assembly and quick deployment
Cost effective and operationally efficient
Lightweight polyurethane construction for durability
Simple flight instructions
Increased payload for vehicle

»»» 30 Day Money Back Guarantee «««

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The mini MicroWing conversion kit was developed exclusively for the VideoRay® ROV and VideoRay® owners as an aftermarket option. It has been used and tested successfully by VideoRay® owners and operators from June 2005 to current.

Please click here to see test protocol results and testimonials

The MicroWing also influences a broad dimension of creativity and expands operations possibilities even more.

Images from VideoRay® dealer Imbros in Australia with custom cage not included by Nova Ray®

Please note VideoRay® LLC has not tested the MicroWing™ and is in no way affiliated with Nova Ray®, Inc.

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