MicroWing Test Protocol Results and Testimonials

Cable Length: Feet    ROV Depth: Feet     Boat Speed: Knots

While towing the VideoRay® with the MicroWing™ conversion kit, the vehicle will be able to reach depths of 50+ feet. With an added depressor wing to the tether, you can more than double your working depth and achieve up to 100+ feet. (See the above charted data of VideoRay Pro III equipped with MicroWing, without tether depressor)


"We have received our first (MicroWing) order and have trialed the wing on our Videoray Pro II.

Great results, got the unit down the seabed in our trial area, approx 60+feet, without the dive plane. We used one 250ft length of negative tether.

Look forward to sending you more orders in the near future."

Simon Hills - Imbros Pty Ltd.


If you have any feedback or success stories of your own that you would like to share, be sure to let us know.

Please note VideoRay® LLC has not tested the MicroWing™ and is in no way affiliated with Nova Ray®, Inc.

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