Standard linear actuators are being modified for specialty applications
in both outer and 'inner' space.

  Joy LePree, Product Design and Development
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Nova Ray Ad Appears in Borders and Transportation Security America (BTSA)

  April 5, 2004, Borders and Transportation Security America
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Twin Rivers Describes First Use Of Nova Ray

  The Telegraph

It was a calm spring night but the water was murky, similar to what you might experience on a river. That’s how McCreary described TRSR’s first search experience using the Nova Ray®.

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Divers Search Farm Pond For Submerged Vehicle

  Cynthia M. Ellis, The Telegraph
  ROXANA- Divers were called in Wednesday night to search for what was believed to be a truck submerged in a farm pond and to determine whether it was occupied, authorities said. The search was being conducted on the Losch Farm in the 4200 block of Hedge Road in rural Roxana.
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Device To Help Agency In Underwater Searches
Twin Rivers first in country to acquire equipment

  Cynthia M. Ellis, The Telegraph
  EAST ALTON - An anonymous donation helped make a big splash in assisting Twin Rivers Search and Rescue.
The search-and-rescue organization, which assists law enforcement and medical professionals in water rescues throughout the year is getting a little help of its own, said Peggy Williams, vice president of the organization.
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Under The Sea
Linear Actuators Activated in Exploration of the Oceans' Depths
  Industrial Products Magazine
  As a result of its extensive experience in commercial underwater exploration and recovery, Nova Marine Exploration, Inc. saw the need to improve the operating characteristics of existing submersible ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) technologies.
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Nova Ray Partnership to Promote ROV for Homeland Defense
  Contact: Marc Geriene (January 17, 2003)
  Nova Ray Submersible Systems has partnered with Trinity River Capital Ventures, L.L.C. (Trinity River), a merchant banking firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The firm will provide expertise in business enterprise and growth capitalization to help Nova Ray, Inc. take to market its patented submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) called the Nova Ray´┐Ż.
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Nova Ray® Sets ROV Patents Approval Record
  Contact: Marc Geriene (December 12, 2002)
  Nova Ray® Submersible Systems has set a patents approval record for its Nova Ray® undersea remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The Nova Ray has been granted two utility patents, with seven other patents pending. No other submersible ROV has both design and utility patents granted or pending for its entire product.
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Nova Ray® Submersible Systems Makes Homeland Security Splash
  Contact: Marc Geriene (September 17, 2002)
  Nova Ray Submersible Systems (Nova Ray) is answering the call for "America's best ideas today to protect our citizens tomorrow." The Seattle area firm is showcasing its product's homeland security applications at the first-ever Homeland Security Technology Expo and Conference in Washington, DC, Sept. 18-19, 2002.
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Technology Combats Terrorism Under The Sea
  By Lou Hirsh, News Factor Network (February 8, 2002)
  Officials said early versions of the Nova Ray used radio-frequency controls to operate underwater. Now, the control and data systems have been digitized to the point where scanning sonar and tracking systems can be added without the need for additional receivers and monitors.
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