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Nova Ray® Sets ROV Patents Approval Record
Contact: Marc Geriene (December 12, 2002)

Kirkland, WA: Nova Ray® Submersible Systems has set a patents approval record for its Nova Ray® undersea remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The Nova Ray has been granted two utility patents, with seven other patents pending. No other submersible ROV has both design and utility patents granted or pending for its entire product.

The portable Nova Ray® ROV is designed to defend ports, coastlines and waterway commerce against terrorism in the US and internationally. Its ease of operation and adaptability also meet the needs for rapid response water rescues, and inspections for pipelines, cables, dams and reservoirs.

"We have solved some very limiting factors for ROVs, particularly with our arcuate - or bow shaped - wing design," stated CEO Marc Geriene. "The Nova Ray® uses the hydrodynamic features of its patented arcuate wing to create stability and maneuverability, even in strong currents." In addition to its two granted patents, the company has two design and five other utility patents pending. Its product name, Nova Ray®, is a registered trademark.

Mr. Geriene said, "The Nova Ray® can detect potential terrorist assaults and security targets that could affect more than 87,000 ships moving materials through ports worldwide each year. The superior design and flexibility of the Nova Ray® makes it the ROV of choice for ships and ship hull inspections and military response initiatives."

Mr. Geriene sees port security as an "overwhelming challenge worldwide," with 560,000 ports of call made by ships over 500 feet in length annually. "This includes 335 tankers carrying bulk oil, gas, chemicals and liquid natural gas worldwide, that the Nova Ray® could inspect," he said. He noted there are more than 360 ports worldwide through which 95% of US trade passes each year.

Mr. Marc Geriene stated, "Our patents reinforce the value of our superior technology, digital operating system, intellectual property and our seven years of research and development. The Nova Ray® revolutionizes the ROV industry with its economics, size and weight and universal design."

The ROV operates in strong currents up to 9 knots, has quick response time, and can be towed and/or use thruster power to descend to depths up to 500 feet. The next-generation Nova Ray® is in development and will expand on these features.

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