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Twin Rivers Describes First Use Of Nova Ray
The Telegraph (April 22, 2004)

Editor’s Note: As a follow up to the story appearing in The Telegraph, April 22, 2004, Richard McCreary, Commander of Twin Rivers Search and Rescue, Inc. (TRSR), provided details of the team’s first application of the Nova Ray®. TRSR took delivery of the Nova Ray® in March as a donation by an anonymous sponsor.

It was a calm spring night but the water was murky, similar to what you might experience on a river. That’s how McCreary described TRSR’s first search experience using the Nova Ray®. Previous efforts to locate a submerged vehicle in a rural pond had failed. At one point, a search boat high centered on the truck, but the boaters were unaware they had found the vehicle. The Twin Rivers team was called in by the Roxana, Ill police. Using the ROV’s sonar, the TRSR team located and followed the underwater tire tracks made by the truck when it went into the pond. Before that, no one knew it was a truck (see Divers search farm pond for submerged vehicle).

“The Nova Ray® met our expectations,” McCreary commented. “I would rate it a 10 {on a scale with 10 as best}. It’s a good piece of equipment and very well thought out.” He added, “The controls are simple and is easy to operate, and the software is easy to figure out how to use.” McCreary said piloting the Nova Ray® under thruster power is like learning to drive a car. “You have to master the driving skills to use it effectively.”

Oh, about the truck. It turned out to be a stolen vehicle. Police surmise it was driven into the pond by someone who abandoned it. The window was broken, there were no keys and no one was inside the vehicle.

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