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Nova Ray Partnership to Promote ROV for Homeland Defense
By Marc Geriene (January 17, 2003)

Kirkland, WA: Nova Ray Submersible Systems has partnered with Trinity River Capital Ventures, L.L.C. (Trinity River), a merchant banking firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The firm will provide expertise in business enterprise and growth capitalization to help Nova Ray, Inc. take to market its patented submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) called the Nova Ray�.

Marc Geriene, CEO of Nova Ray, stated, "The Trinity River team offers tremendous resources and talents to help the company achieve its market leadership goals in homeland port security and rapid response. We are pleased to be working with them."

Nova Ray's market focus is defense against terrorism in waterway commerce internationally, he said. He further noted that Nova Ray's� portability and ease of operation also meet the needs for rapid response water rescues and inspections of pipelines, cables, dams and reservoirs. "We have solved some very limiting factors for ROVs," he said.

C. Dewey "Dee" Elliott, III, Trinity River's COO, said, "We were immediately impressed with the innovative arcuate wing design of the Nova Ray� that adds stability and maneuverability. The ROV's existing patents substantially increase its value in the marketplace." A former naval officer, Mr. Elliott sees the vision for the underwater vehicle in port security and homeland defense.

Mr. Geriene added, "The Nova Ray's� universal design, superior technology and flexibility make it the ROV of choice for ship hull inspections and military response initiatives. With 95% of annual US trade passing through 360 ports worldwide, port and coastline security are extremely challenging issues," he said.

"The Nova Ray� is an innovative solution for thwarting terrorist assaults against the more than 87,000 ships annually moving materials worldwide," Mr. Geriene said. He added that this includes 335 tankers carrying bulk oil, gas, chemicals and liquid natural gas worldwide each year that the Nova Ray� could inspect for terrorist assaults.

Lightweight and highly portable, the Nova Ray� operates in strong currents up to 9 knots, has quick response time, and can be towed and/or use thruster power to descend to depths up to 500 feet. Future models will expand on these features.

Nova Ray and its intellectual property stem from seven years of research and development. Mr. Geriene and his brother, Krist, called upon their expertise as commercial divers, ROV pilots and business owners in developing the Nova Ray's� innovative design and market applications.

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