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Product FAQ

Why Wings for True Axis Flight®?
What kind of Umbilical is used?
Where is the Umbilical attached and why this location?
What are the advantages of Dual Mode operation?
What size Thrusters are used and what is the rated horsepower?
How many Knots can be achieved under Thruster power and under Tow?
What kind of Navigational Software is used?
How does the Command and Control system work?
What kind of compass system does the Nova Ray® use?
What Positions can the Nova Ray® achieve?
Is the Nova Ray® Digital?
How long does it take to Assemble and Disassemble the Nova Ray® ROV?
What kind of Sonar can be added to the Nova Ray® ROV?
Does the Nova Ray® ROV have a Tracking System?
What is the maximum Depth?
What are the Dimensions of the Transit Cases for air travel?
What Materials are used in the components?
What is the Nova Ray® ROV Patent Protection About?
What is the Cost of a Nova Ray® ROV?
What is the Lead Time for Delivery of a Nova Ray® ROV?
What is included with the Purchase of a Nova Ray®?
What about Updates and Revisions?
How do I determine what I need for a Nova Ray® ROV?


What Materials are used in the components?

Key Component Composition
Wings and flaps Polyurethane resin, impact resistant and light weight.
Skids, rudder and empennage Polyurethane resin.
Pressure housing Single-piece hard anodized aluminum designed with no welds to maximize structural strength that can withstand heavy use in adverse conditions. Triple "O" rings help ensure watertight integrity of housing system. Patent pending channel rail slots allow for attachment of wings, skids, camera and other external user-specified devices.
All screws and metal parts Stainless steel to resist corrosion and promote long life.
End cap High impact clear plastic.
Tow connections Stainless steel attachment points.
Thrusters, actuators, lights, umbilical OEM parts, watertight.

What is the Nova Ray® ROV Patent Protection About?

The Nova Ray® has both Utility and Design patents granted, allowed or pending. View the current list of Patents.

What is the Cost of a Nova Ray® ROV?

Nova Ray offers four models. The standard ROV has a base price of $55,000. See specific models description and pricing at Products. A 50% deposit is required when the order is placed, with the balance due upon notification of delivery date, accept for imaging equipment which requires payment in full upon order.

What is the Lead Time for Delivery of a Nova Ray® ROV?

Upon receipt of deposit, the Nova Ray® ROV can be shipped within 60 to 120 days.

What is included with the Purchase of a Nova Ray®?

Below is a summary of the Standard Nova Ray® Package and Optional Equipment and Services available for customer specified needs. For details, please see Products for specific models and Equipment Options.

Standard Nova Ray® Package Optional Items (priced separately)
Nova Ray® portable ROV Inspection software
Patented arcuate wings Sonar
Proprietary Command and Control software. Navigation and tracking solutions
Control Console with 4-axis joystick, control buttons, slide throttle; 10" Flat Panel LCD Monitor; watertight case conforms to airline carry-on luggage limits ROV Conversion Kit for extended project applications
Umbilical, 300 ft. Complete circuit board spare
Video and Optics (camera and mini quarts lights) Thrusters
Basic Tools and Parts Standard Kit (TAPS Kit) TAPP(+) kit
Operations manual Fiber optic umbilical
Fully digital on-board electronics Cable reel
Sonar ready Altimeter
Compact transit/operational wheeled cases designed to meet airline luggage size requirements Advanced training; technical support; project consulting services
Auto pilot capabilities Vertical thrusters
Laptop computer for Control Console Manipulators
  Nova + Skids
  External camera

What about Updates and Revisions?

On early models, upgrades will be either at cost or free, depending on the upgrade. Coral Partners, LLC. will give credit for older Nova Ray®'s submitted for upgrade to newer versions.

How do I determine what I need for a Nova Ray® ROV?

Our experienced staff can help you select the Nova Ray® options best suited for your project applications at Contact Us.

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