Nova Ray� progression overview

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Tools needed
for vehicle
  • Complete Nova Ray� system with Conversion kit and accessories, breaks down into legal airline luggage for hassle free travel while avoiding hefty airline fees

  • Assembling the Nova Ray�

  • Empty Nova Ray� housing out of the luggage
  • Inserting the one piece (all digital) Nova Ray� electronics into the housing
  • Electronics safely inserted and being sealed with water tight dome
  • Sliding on one side of the patented Arcuate wing
  • Sliding on the other side of the Arcuate wing
  • Sliding on and attaching a thruster to the Nova Ray� housing
  • Wings on and thrusters being positioned and secured
  • All cables plugged in and rudder is ready to be attached
  • Rudder on and secured
    Using the Nova Ray� Conversion kit
  • Slide off the patented Arcuate wing. Housing is now ready for the conversion kit
  • Nova Ray� conversion kit for precise vertical movement
  • Positioning the conversion kit onto the housing
  • Conversion kit positioned, tightened down and ready for use


    Nova Ray� Accessories

  • Dome being removed. Vehicle ready for front mount Sonar
  • Front mount sonar attached with external camera and side scan sonar
  • Positioning the manipulator on the front of the Nova Ray�
  • Manipulator is attached and ready for use

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