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Nova Ray purchased for post Katrina work in Gulf

We used the Nova Ray ROV to inspect oil and natural gas offshore pipelines for post Katrina surveying and inspection in the Gulf coast region.  The ability to tow the Nova Ray was a crucial factor in our decision to purchase, because this equipment gave us much more versatility. The ability to change from a traditional observation class ROV for sub sea tie in and valve inspections, to a towable, side scan sonar equipped ROV for long distance pipeline inspections allowed us to efficiently accomplish both tasks.

On recent contract work we used the ROV on and off for 50 days.  It was used for visual confirmation and as a back up side scan sonar.  Because our vehicle was equipped with the side scan sonar, it was used repeatedly as a back up when the ship’s side scan sonar was down.  This alone kept us working and not losing valuable sea time.  I believe that had we not had this piece of equipment on board, we would not have finished our contracts in the same time frame.

Ed Watkins of W & W Marine

  Below is a subsea tie-in viewed with side scan sonar, along with a short video of the sub sea tie-in.


















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