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Nova Ray and BlueView Team Up to Demonstrate High Frequency Hull Inspection Imaging Technology for Port Security

San Diego, California, March 4, 2006— Integrated onboard Nova Ray’s (novaray.com) versatile Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), BlueView Technologies (www.blueviewtech.com) successfully demonstrated its Multi-Beam Hull Inspection Imaging Technology at the Navy HULSFest.

To demonstrate BlueView Technologies’ new High Frequency Multi-Beam Hull Inspection Technology at HULSFest, BlueView’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Lee Thompson turned to NovaRay.   “It is essential to have a high degree of accuracy to navigate the vehicle and position the sensor to make very high resolution images.  The NovaRay’s ability to fly straight and level and the ease of sensor integration on the vehicle fit the bill,” said Dr. Thompson.

Highlighting the ROV’s portability, ease of sensor integration, and rapid deployment capability, Nova Ray arrived at HULSFest Wednesday morning with the ROV as luggage. Within one and a half hours of arrival, the Nova Ray team members assembled the ROV, Mounted BlueView’s Multi-Beam sensor and launched the system in the water for two days of successful trials. 

The combined system was used to scan the sides and bottom of the vessel as well as the harbor bottom below the vessel.  The exercise was to detect and locate any anomalies on or near the ship’s hull.  Both days demonstrations went smoothly and all equipment performed trouble free.

BlueView Technologies provides state-of-the-art compact sonar solutions for Surface Vessel, ROV, AUV, and diver applications such as hull and pier inspection, harbor surveillance, sea bottom search, offshore inspection, Fisheries management, and many other commercial applications. Starting at $19,500 USD, BlueView’s cutting-edge imaging sonar technology delivers a quantum leap in performance over conventional sonar systems.  www.blueviewtech.com


The patented Nova Ray® ROV provides faster, easier and more profitable mission results with its multi-function platform.  Key distinctions are its Ultra- stable wing design, portability, payload features/capability, field service, easy maintenance and cost effectiveness.  Options include tracking and navigation systems available on all models.  The overall modular capabilities and portability make the Nova Ray® an exceptional value.  www.novaray.com

For further information on NovaRay:
Phone: 425-825-0654
Fax 425-825-9364

For further information on BlueView Technologies:
Grant Fletcher   Director, Sales & Marketing
Phone: 206.370-2544
Fax: 206-545-7261


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