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Kirkland, WA: Sept. 22, 2004

Studies of underwater fault lines were successfully conducted in Lake Tahoe using the Nova Ray®, a submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The winged Nova Ray® was used in July and August, 2004 by SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography (SCRIPPS), one of the oldest, largest, and most important centers for marine science research, graduate training, and public service in the world. SCRIPPS received the Nova Ray® in San Diego, CA, April 7, 2004, following an anonymous donation of the vehicle to the institution.

John Orcutt, Deputy Director of Scripps for Research and Associate Vice Chancellor for Marine Affairs, said, "The Nova Ray® ROV will significantly enhance Scripps' access to the seas. The Nova Ray® was used this summer in a study of faulting in Lake Tahoe where high resolution imagery from the lake floor complemented high-resolution bathymetry and 'chirp' mapping of the Incline Village Fault. This Fall the Nova Ray® will be used to map the Rose Canyon Fault offshore La Jolla including the critical fish habitat associated with the fault and attendant kelp beds.”

He added, “The ability to operate simply in high currents is proving to be an invaluable capability. We expect new cyber infrastructure at Scripps and UCSD will be used to deliver images from the Nova Ray® directly to the Internet and displays at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. We expect to work with Nova Ray, Inc. in extending the ROV's capabilities to greater depths in coming months and years."

The Nova Ray®, with its innovative arcuate (bow shaped) wing design, maintains stability and maneuverability in strong currents, cross currents and tides. Portable and maneuverable, the Nova Ray® ROV operates efficiently in up to 9-knot currents under tow, and can be operated using built-in thrusters.

Its multi-use platform is adaptable to a wide range of applications for research, surveys and underwater inspections. It is easy to launch from a stable platform or vessel, and its design can meet the challenges of underwater environments.”

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